Fall 2012

Guest photo editor: John Schwirtlich Ski Canada’s photo editor this month has done it right. From loading lifts to ski resort sales, repping ski equipment and fashion, to ski magazine minions, the Canadian ski industry employs a lot of people, but Schwirtlich wasn’t able to convince us he doesn’t have the absolute best job out … More »

Best of Skiing in Canada Awards

by Leslie Woit from Winter 2012 issue We like to think of our Best of Skiing in Canada Awards as less about the competition and more about how much fun it is to research. Kudos and recognition of worthy people, places and things come in from readers, writers and other contributors all across ski country every year and … More »

Time to take the plunge

The greatest schism between eastern and western Canadians isn’t about politics or power – it’s about powder. Shocking to most skiers in the west is the fact many easterners are so intimidated by the rare and elusive “deep” they actually find it objectionable. They’ll even avoid it. To be fair, easterners are often excellent at … More »