What’s Trending

When does a fad become something more? Every year new ideas, styles, colours and flavours emerge. Some of them stick around to change the sport for the better—think rocker shape to skis nowadays. Others not so much—we’re looking at you, SnowBlades. Here are the ones to watch this year. WHAT WOMEN WANT    Walking around … More »

Powder Test 2016

Mike Wiegele’s heli-guides know a thing or two about testing fat skis. There’s an old fable by Aesop about the fox and the grapes. It goes something like this: A fox sees a vine heavy with grapes and leaps as high as he can but can’t quite reach them. He tries again and has no … More »

Big Mountain

More than great window dressing, wide-girthed boards mean business. The Big Mountain category, along with its Alpine Touring (AT) subset, has grown steadily since the advent of rocker technology. With weight-saving improvements, refined sidecuts and task-specific profiling, the powder hungry get more of their fix riding these technical boards. Look for lightened cores this season, … More »

Big Mountain 2010

“Big-Mountain” means huge snow. Forget carve and grip; think slash and smear. Skis needpop, and tails that respond to that deal-breaking question: “Did he stick the landing?” K2’s BackSide line, sold flat (without bindings), is indicative of the trend throughout the industry, especially for the genre leader K2. Rossignol’s Phantom line does just the same, offering four … More »