Which skiers read Ski Canada magazine?

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Ski Canada brings the passion of alpine skiing to print, the web and now by monthly Enews by creating a club-like loyalty among readers. Captivating and inspiring photography combined with evocative, award-winning stories continue to generate passionate letters to the editor – more than almost any other Canadian magazine. With so much noise and time distraction online, Ski Canada readers remain more dedicated than ever. Knowing the most effective mix of entertainment and information is what Ski Canada’s editors pride themselves in – and our readers’ devotion to the magazine is the ultimate reward.

Iain MacMillan, editor

Which of these skiers reads Ski Canada magazine?

Big mountain skiers. Women skiers. Expert all mountain skiers. Family skiers. Road trip skiers. Boomers. Aprés ski skiers.

Answer: all of them

These are Ski Canada readers. Skiers of all ages who love their sport.

  • average skier days each ski season: 25 days
  •  expert/advanced ability: 89%
  • ski off-piste : 62%
  • spend an hour or more reading Ski Canada: 48%
  • bought new alpine skis within past year: 72%
  • bought skis ‘high end‘: 80%
  • bought skiwear within the past year: 62%
  • took a ski vacation longer than 3 days within past year: 86%

source: Ski Canada Reader Survey, March 2013

Big Mountain skiers
20-something skiers
skiers with kids
30 to 45 year old skiers – average age for a Ski Canada reader is 39 yr



















affluent boomer skiers









women skiers

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