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ALTA BADIA, ITALY — I have a picture-perfect view of the Italian Dolomites, the Ütia Bioch alpine ski hut and an outdoor table lined with the region’s best wines. Nearby is Andrè Senoner, 2022’s top sommelier in Italy. I’m here in Alta Badia for De dl Vin, the closing event of A Taste of Skiing, a season-long, on-mountain celebration of the Sud Tirol / Trentino Alto Adige region’s food and wine. 

It’s true, today isn’t perfect weather. Yesterday was warm and sunny—spring skiing at its finest. Today the air is crisp with chilly breezes. But the sun shines in a clear blue sky, and hardy skiers are gathering to savour one wine after the next before skiing off to another of four participating alpine huts. 


De dl Vin (in English, the Wine SkiSafari) is jointly hosted by Alta Badia, the Consorzio Vini Alto Adige, and four family-owned huts. Participating skiers slide from hut to hut, stopping to sip wines and taste local treats. Our safari starts at  Ütia Bioch with a tour of its cellar, which contains a 14,000-bottle collection—not too shabby for an alpine ski hut. 

From Ütia Bioch we go to Pralongiá, I Tablá and Piz Arlara, four of approximately 50 independently owned huts near Alta Badia. We learn that three varietals of grapes are cultivated in the region: Lagrein and Schiava (reds), and Gewürztraminer (white). We also come to realize that wine is a tremendous source of pride for the Ladin culture. Lunch at Pralongia, for example, features local speck, cheeses, and fresh pasta with locally crafted sausages. Once we’ve skied and sipped, we party. De dl Vin is followed by a dance party at l’Murin, the local aprės-ski spot.


Let’s be clear, a ski holiday in Italy’s Dolomites has always had a glamorous sheen: snowy limestone peaks above charming villages, swarms of European aristocrats, and lots of gourmet treats. But for the last 14 years, Alta Badia has focused on elevating the region even higher with this season-long gourmet food-and-wine event. 

And it’s true: A Taste of Skiing really is sublime. It’s sophisticated and curated to perfection. But the series of events is also delightfully down to earth—casual and inviting experiences for skiers… or anyone who appreciates wine and regional food at any level. Plus, the skiing is sensational, too. 
Information on A Taste of Skiing and De dl Vin can be found on the Alta Badia website here.

Brigid Mander
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