Head Power Joy ski test

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Ski Test 2021

Head Power Joy * women

Best for: Cruising the groomers

Head Power Joy

With a vibration-absorbing chip, a slalom-oriented profile and race-style sandwich construction, Head says the Power Joy is a direct descendant from its World Cup skis. But our women testers didn’t reach a consensus on whether it lived up to the pedigree. “Fast, powerful, stiff and stable at speed,” wrote Robin Humphreys. On the other hand: “Soft ski; you need to be light and gentle with it,” said Charlotte Fletcher. Generally, the more aggressive testers found the ski lacking, while those skiers who value finesse really liked it. Deanna Papineau, a ski instructor, said, “I f***ing love it! Confident in all conditions and all terrain.” A great ski to test before buying.

LENGTHS:                   153, 158, 163, 168, 173

DIMENSIONS:            122/68/102 @ 163

RADIUS:                     13 @ 163

OTHER MODELS:      Various Joy models


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