Faction Agent 3.0 ski test

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Faction Agent 3.0

In trying to describe this ski, testers let loose with the analogies and metaphors. One WWE fan wrote: “A Rick Flair ski. You wrestle with it to get to the powder and then, Woooo!” We noticed a theme. “Two speeds: fast and faster,” wrote Tim Plante. As the lyrics suggest, this is an aggressive ski. But the Agent 3.0 is also spectacularly light, tipping the scale at 1.7kg compared to 2kg for a similar-length Rossignol Sender. The rare combination of stiffness and light weight resonated with some. “The ski performed amazingly well in variable conditions,” reported Scott Ballhorn. “It transferred from edge-to-edge nicely.” But even strong skiers found the Agent 3.0 required a powerful pilot especially in tighter quarters. Let the ski run in an open bowl, floor it down a wide open groomer or set it loose in cruddy snow, though, and few skis can match its stable, powerful feel.

LENGTHS:                   164, 172, 180, 188

DIMENSIONS:            134/106/124

RADIUS:                     21 @ 180

OTHER MODELS:      1.0, 2.0, 4.0


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