Overhead Cams

THESE DAYS YOU’RE NAKED WITHOUT YOUR POV. by John Schwirtlich in Spring 2012 issue There’s only one way to describe shooting with a waterproof POV or helmet camera: fun and productive. For almost 10 years I’ve been staff photographer/videographer at the powder mecca of Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, in Blue River, B.C. I record skiers’ powder fantasies coming true … More »

Honest, it’s way steeper than it looks


  from Spring 2011 issue As inspiring as ski photography in magazines can be, it can also be incredibly frustrating to the layman with a camera who just wants a good shot of himself or his buddy on some steep pitch somewhere. I’ve cheated by simply tilting my camera off the horizon, but the shots … More »

Martin Soderqvist

from Fall 2010 issue Martin Söderqvist keeps his advice to amateur ski photographers short and simple. Before you push the shutter release: • Check the horizon line —and keep it horizontal. • If you’re not using a good autofocus, make sure you’ve focused on the exact spot where your skier is turning or jumping. Toss … More »