Martin Soderqvist

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from Fall 2010 issue

Martin Söderqvist keeps his advice to amateur ski
photographers short and simple. Before you push the
shutter release:

• Check the horizon line —and keep it horizontal.

• If you’re not using a good autofocus, make sure
you’ve focused on the exact spot where your skier
is turning or jumping. Toss a snowball to the
sweet spot so you and your subject agree.

• Don’t put the skier in the centre of your shot; it’ll
make the photo look static. If you don’t know
it already, look up the ‘photographer’s rule of
thirds ‘to make the composition interesting.

And for budding Canadian ski photographers
thinking of spending a winter in Europe? ‘In the Alps,
almost every village with a mountain next to it has a
lift, ‘says Söderqvist, ‘which is really cool. ‘

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