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Sochi 2014 – Best Bets in Alpine Racing


Four years ago one of the best-trained, well-funded alpine ski teams Canada had ever produced headed to the 2010 Winter Olympics with the goal of winning three medals. That podium promise turned into disappointment when the best results were a pair of 5th-place finishes by Erik Guay. By Jim Morris in December 2013 issue  *… More »



The sudden departure of Alpine Canada’s president Max Gartner prior to the Olympics left as many unanswered questions as Ken Read’s surprise resignation before him. by George Koch in December 2013 issue For Canada’s alpine skiers, the road to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games has been as muddy and tortuous as the coastal forests that… More »

Short Turns – December 2013


Revving up the Freeride World It’s one thing to experience the crowds, watch some of the world’s best freeriders (through binoculars anyway) and chill your cheeks because you’re not moving, unlike the meat-hucking athletes on tour, but you can always be part of the Swatch Freeride World Tour by The North Face by playing armchair… More »

Racer Ready?


For elite athletes, and their families, sacrificing education in pursuit of the dream has its challenges at career end.  By Duncan Hessel in December 2013 issue Let’s start with a hypothetical situation. You’re an exceptional young athlete and you’ve had some success as a skier. You’re talented, your coaches are hopeful and your parents are… More »

Return of the ski bum


Years ago I wrote something in The Globe and Mail about stuff skiers aren’t allowed to do anymore, and the many responses were pretty much unanimous with: “Yeah, when did skiers become so serious?” Sometimes, I think we’re getting even more so. by Iain MacMillan in December 2013 issue Are you old enough to remember… More »

Ski it or text it?


By George Koch in Fall 2013 issue The Blackcomb groomer was chock-a-block with the usual peak-Christmas-holiday rainbow of skiing and boarding styles, velocities and attentiveness, and I was applying all my collision-avoidance tactics. Suddenly far down the run a brightly clad skier shot out of the woods airborne, landing on the hard surface and traversing… More »

Short Turns * Fall 2013


from Fall 2013 issue BACKCOUNTRY READY?  The Shredstitute is expanding on last year’s popular Rogers Pass Freeski Camp by bringing celebrated ski mountaineer Greg Hill back for two weekend programs this season. One posse of lucky campers will explore remote powder at Rogers Pass (December 13-15), and another will be lapping the pillowy slackcountry… More »

Chasing down Manuel Osborne-Paradis


Sochi 2014 by Jim Morris in Fall 2013 issue Risk versus reward. It’s something we all contemplate, whether it’s a complicated business venture or simply deciding if the chance of getting a speeding ticket makes it worth driving that little bit faster. Often the greater the risk, the bigger the reward—but the penalty for failure… More »

Ode to the weekend warrior

Editor Iain

by Iain MacMillan, editor, in Fall 2013 issue Dolan and a bunch of guys bagsied an old schoolhouse (that came with a hippie who lived upstairs) rooted atop the breezy Niagara Escarpment near Collingwood, while my Kingston Pound pooch and I’d settled in with 13 others in an old Victorian farmhouse in Ellicottville, N.Y. Dolan’s… More »

Short Turns * Buyer’s Guide 2014


   For the man who has everything “Limited time offer” is a common tag on any sales pitch, but we’ve never seen it attached to a glacier for sale. With some estimates of Austria’s glaciers disappearing entirely within 20 years, there really may be some urgency—if you’ve ever considered buying one. Currently on sale for… More »