Fly or Drive?

Fly Drive

“Don’t be silly! You’d be mad to drive all that way.” _By GEORGE KOCH My friend Matty from Portland, Oregon, was screeching at the news that I was planning to drive from Calgary to Whistler (through the hinterland via the notoriously sinuous Duffy Lake Road of course) for a mere five-day visit to do some spring skiing … More »

Slapstick Skiing

Chaplin 600

‘Douglas Fairbanks insisted that I be initiated into the art of skiing. I always thought it was easy, but oh, boy! I never knew how many knots I could tie myself into!’ Skiers heading to or from major Swiss resorts of the Valais and beyond will soon have a new sidetrip to distract them. Not … More »

Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper

How to dig out an avalanche victim The transceiver may get all the glam when it comes to rescuing someone from an avalanche burial, but it’s the shovel that does all the heavy lifting. Digging is typically the slowest part of the rescue and, with the chances of survival sinking fast after 15 minutes, it’s … More »

Healing App

Healing App

One of the hardest parts about recovering from a ski injury is making that long journey back into an active lifestyle. Regaining strength, flexibility, balance and confidence—the backbones of skiing—requires dedication and time. So, of course, there’s an app for that. The North Face and its Mountain Athletics app helps to focus on rehab and … More »

5-0 and Go

Whistler 50 600

For a place known for throwing mega parties, Whistler is all of a sudden acting its age.   The mega-resort plans to celebrate its 50th birthday in December with a party, the movie 50 Years of Going Beyond and a coffee-table book—a mature approach to a golden anniversary for one of the world’s great ski … More »

Own Your Own

“The whole ski area could be yours for less than a cabin at Whistler!” It happens often when I tell someone where I work. The brain-wheels start clicking, the eyes brighten and suddenly a flood of excited anecdotes starts pouring out about my new friend’s ski trip last winter. Buddy’s best crash-and-burn story or big-air … More »

Un Triste Adieu

JP Auclair

JP Auclair’s death in South America sent shockwaves throughout the world of skiing. _By STEVEN THRENDYLE in December 2014 issue   It was a cold Friday in January 1998 when a foursome of wiry, scruffy guys strolled through a parking lot at Vail in T-shirts and baggy pants, babbling in French. If it had been … More »

3 Surprising Backcountry Destinations

3 Backcountry

  Sure, B.C. and Alberta offer the biggest, deepest and most consistent backcountry skiing in Canada, but it’s no duopoly when it comes to opportunities for earning turns. And after last winter, when it was still snowing in the Maritimes last spring while western skiers were mountain biking, heading east might be the ticket. Quebec’s … More »

Take 5 With Dustin Cook

Cook BG16

  Dustin Cook burst onto the international ski scene last season with three podium appearances, including a super-G victory at the World Cup finals in Méribel, France, and a silver medal at the World Championships held in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Cook has been a national-team member since 2007, but doesn’t have the profile of other … More »

MacMillan’s Top 20

Editor Iain

“we all know that when things don’t go well, it’s our equipment’s fault.” The other day my friend Jennifer was asking me how often I sharpen my poles. Okay, so her concerned voice might have had something to do with my earlier mock admonishment over her never sharpening her poles—which, of course, would affect her … More »