FRESH TRACKS – February 16, 2024

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Watch a first descent of one of B.C.s gnarliest peaks and catch up on skiing’s continuing game of thrones. Find out more about Fischer’s first eco-friendly digital ski. Plus, is your ski dog’s name BARBIE or SWIFTY? Congrats, you’ve made the big time.


French ski brand blackcrows released its latest film this week documenting a first descent of the southwest couloir on Mount Niflheim, the third-highest peak in B.C.’s Gold Range. 

In Chasing Niflheim, Christina Lusti and Andrew McNab venture into the rugged terrain of the Monashee massif, where they discover a deep gouge carving through the 2800-metre summit. The ski company is calling it “not just a ski film” but “a testament to the spirit of freeride skiing, exploration and adventure that drives athletes like Christina Lusti and Andrew McNab to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the mountains.”

Producer Flo Bastien expressed his admiration for Lusti’s prowess: “Christina is undoubtedly one of the best big mountain skiers out there. These last few years, she has incorporated mountaineering and climbing skills into her arsenal, opening up numerous opportunities for exploring new slopes.”

 “The way you move through the mountains,” says Lusti, “is an expression of who you are and how you feel in that moment. Discovering your authentic imagination is the biggest gift in exploratory skiing and mastery in the mountains.”

View the full film on YouTube here.


In skiing’s ongoing game of thrones, the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) has finally named a new managing director. Nigel Loring will be responsible for implementing the strategic goals and objectives of the organization, the CSIA has announced. Loring was originally hired as senior director of operations and education last November.

“As an experienced sports leader,” says Colin Borrow, chair of CSIA’s board of directors, “with extensive background in the development of successful not-for-profit organizations—as well as a respected member of the alpine skiing community—it became very clear that Nigel was the ideal candidate for this top position.”

Management of the Alliance was dragged into the spotlight last fall when, amid a whirl of internal conflict, former CSIA managing director Perry Schmunk launched a competing group: the Professional Ski Instructors of Canada (PSIC).    

Says Borrow about Loring’s appointment: “The CSIA has a bright future ahead with Nigel leading the way.” 

Loring has been a CSIA member since 1987. “For the last 85 years, the CSIA has been a key leader in this industry across Canada,” he says, “and now it is time to bring it to new heights, together. I believe wholeheartedly in fostering a culture of excellence, respect, and innovation and I am committed to not only advancing our sport, but the ski professional industry at large.”


Fischer ski company is marking its 100th anniversary with its first digital ski. 

In the form of a non-fungible token (NFT), Fischer describes a digital ski as “a unique and collectible digital asset that represents Fischer’s innovative spirit and willingness to push boundaries.” 

The limited edition NFT ski features a design inspired by Fischer’s RC4 Worldcup ski, used by numerous Olympic and World Cup champions.  The NFT ski comes with the possibility to convert the NFT to a real ski later in 2024. Fischer says only 100 units will be available for purchase on the Fischer website through February, 2024. 

Says Fischer: “This is a historic moment for Fischer, as it becomes the first ski brand to enter the NFT market and offer its fans a new way to experience the joy of skiing.”


If your ski dog’s name is Fido, he’s not as popular as he could be. released the most popular dog names of 2023 and Fido’s not it. 

Top 10 male dog names in order are: Charlie, Milo, Max, Cooper, Leo, Teddy, Rocky, Buddy, Winston and Beau.

Top 10 female dog names in order are: Luna, Bella, Daisy, Molly, Lucy, Lola, Lily, Rosie, Stella and Willow.
The annual list also includes names inspired by TV, movies and (of course) Taylor Swift. Those names include Barbie, Viper, Thanos, Lover and Swifty.

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