Save Your Knees

 If you haven’t had a serious knee injury while skiing, you likely know someone who has. We often think it’s just random bad luck but keep reading. by DR. JOHN FOOTE in December 2016 issue American engineers Jasper Shealy and Carl Ettlinger and orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Robert Johnson have studied skiers and knees more than … More »

Fair Instructor Fare

How much do ski instructors earn around the world? It’s a question you need to ask yourself if you’re thinking of investing the time and money needed to work on the slopes. Unfortunately, information is thin and the answer is not as forthcoming, either, because there are so many variables that can influence earnings: country, … More »

Warm Up to Powder

If you’re a strong intermediate who already skis in the trees after a storm, you’re likely good enough to heli- or cat-ski. But if you want to make sure you’re ready before you head into untracked powder, check out Sun Peaks’s HeliCat Warm-Up Camps offered throughout the season. The two-day program, offered by off-piste camp co-ordinator, … More »

New product reviews

by RAY O’REILLY in the Fall 2016 issue With all the Euro-influence in the ski world, stumbling at pronouncing a product name can give it street cred, so we were surprised to learn Sevaen (Sa-VAY-in) is made right here in Canada—Nova Scotia, in fact. Even the source fibres are North American. Keeping sailors warm and … More »

Reuben Krabbe – Revelstoke BC

photo: REUBEN KRABBE * skier: Stan Rey * snow: Revelstoke BC Crosshairs Fall 2016 photo: REUBEN KRABBE  *  skier: Stan Rey  *  snow: Revelstoke  BC  

Post Hotel

In today’s world of similar-feeling condos that proliferate across North American ski country, it’s an incredibly satisfying splurge to check into an iconic inn like Lake Louise’s Post Hotel & Spa. Indeed, it’s difficult to find a more satisfying sleep, memorable meal and overall exemplary alpine stay in Canada. For nearly 40 years, brothers André … More »

Living Winter-To-Winter

There’s a fraternity of hemisphere-hopping ski instructors who don’t miss the long days of summer. MATT BARNES, a Ski Canada instruction editor, is one of them. Winter to winter, travelling across the globe, hopping from one hemisphere to the other all in the chase of snow… It sounds grand, doesn’t it? To me it does—and … More »

Michael Neumann – Iceland

Crosshairs Buyer’s Guide 2017 issue photo: MICHAEL NEUMANN * skier: Max Kroneck * snow: Westfjords, Iceland