Ski Canada Test 2014 – Expert All Mountain

All-terrain cruising, long and short turns This is one of Ski Canada’s most anticipated categories. Expert All-Mountain skis are loved by the best resort skiers in the west, but also by many easterners who know how to rip. By definition, they’re expected to do everything and to be tested aggressively. They may have been borne … More »

Ski Canada Test 2014 ..Part 1 Intro

Fernie Test 2014 The Categories Explained Test criteria Skier Abilities   Seven Ski Canada categories were tested again at Fernie this year, with favourite Expert All-Mountain and new kid Slalom in this issue. Also tested at Fernie were: Big Mountain for the freeriding ilk; On-Piste Cruisers and Easy Cruising for groomed slopes at a range … More »

Expert All Mountain * Test 2013

  Expert All-Mountain skis are designed to be the perfect companion for resort skiing in the west. In this category versatility is the name of the game. Think of your ski day: for a warm-up ripping some groomers, you want a ski that carves and responds with power, edge grip and stability; then up into the alpine and … More »

Ski cores: heart of the matter

SKI CORES: heart of the matter by Ian March from Buyer’s Guide 2010 issue With skis, just as in love, we are often initially drawn to our mate by what’s on the surface. But, as your parents should have told you, for true happiness, it’s what’s inside that counts. To avoid a broken heart, let’s … More »