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Adventure All Mountain – Test 2015

AAM1 550

ALL-TERRAIN SKIING, MODERATE SPEEDS, MEDIUM TURNS You may have heard the terms “anytime, anywhere,” “midfats,” “all-purpose” or “one-ski quiver.” These are the names given to skis found in the Adventure All-Mountain category. Designed to perform in a variety of snow conditions over the entire mountain, these babies are the four-wheel drive in the lift line…. More »

The Christmas Wish List

Gift1 550

Whether it’s for yourself or your loved ones, you can’t go wrong with the gift of gear. from December 2014 issue 1.A nylon core for durability, an outer layer of merino wool with its millions of air pockets for warmth and natural odour resistance, and a touch of Lycra for fit… Icebreaker has the combo… More »

Racy Bits – Canadian men’s WC team update

Dec14 Racy

The Canadian men’s World Cup ski team has reached into its past hoping for improved results in the future. Burkhard Schaffer, who worked with Canadian Cowboys like Erik Guay, Jan Hudec and Manuel Osborne-Paradis early in their careers, has returned as head coach of the speed team after eight years of working with other countries…. More »

Tremblant Trivia

Fall14 Tremblant

> Does the fittest ski shop owner live at Tremblant? Maxime Gagnon of Ski Max Ski Service in the old village just qualified to compete in the 2015 IronMan World Championship in Austria. “Summer, I get up and ride 100 km on my bike, run and then swim at night; during the busy ski season,… More »

What’s wrong with rotation?

Ski Better 1

Rotation is a way for the skier to turn the skis with upper body movements. Here, Anne demonstrates one turn using edge angle and ski shape, and another using upper body twisting. The rotation symptoms of hips too square (90 degrees to skis) and tension in the right arm and shoulder are obvious when compared… More »