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Be Your Own Coach

DEC15 Coach 1 600

Being aware of rotation isn’t enough to correct it. Rotation is the result of the skier trying to turn his or her skis. Skis should turn the skier, not the other way around. by Martin Olson in December 2015 issue What direction is your torso facing? Wendy demonstrates one of the more obvious errors that … More »

Ah, Utah!

Utah 1 600

Park City, now the biggest ski area in the U.S., and five other snowy resorts are all within a short drive of Salt Lake City. BY LESLIE WOIT in December 2015 issue When the Mormons hitched up the wagon trains for the journey west to Utah in the 1840s, Salt Lake City winters were harsh, the natives understandably … More »

Notes from my excellent Swedish adventure

Sweden 600

Circling above the airport at Stockholm has me wondering if I’ve actually left Ontario. The familiarity out the plane window of snow, forest, frozen lakes and rock below is incredible, it looks like Muskoka down there! Later, in the terminal, Swedish TSN is blasting from TVs above our heads. Only two channels: cross-country and alpine … More »

Larisa Yurkiw

Larisa 600

[edit. note: On May 11, 2016 Larisa Yurkiw announced her retirement from ski racing due to concerns about her surgically repaired knee.]   Any World Cup podium result is impressive, but for Canadian skier Larisa Yurkiw, two podium finishes so far this season have particular significance given her decision to ski as an independent athlete. … More »

Big Walls of Baffin

Baffin 2 1100

I long dreamt of the Arctic, an area so mysterious and remote I knew even before I arrived that a trek to ski here would test my resolve and be the ultimate adventure. The vast expanses of ice, right angles where ocean meets rock, some of the biggest vertical rock faces in the world and … More »