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Big Sparkling Stars

Stars 3 600

Two great ski resorts and one rub-down: Big White, Silver Star and Sparkling Hill offer more than family playtime in the heart of the Okanagan. “Whatever you do, don’t lick anything.” Words to live by, particularly in view of what comes next. Sparkling Hill Resort is a glitter box of a spa hotel, set high… More »

Un Triste Adieu

JP Auclair

JP Auclair’s death in South America sent shockwaves throughout the world of skiing. _By STEVEN THRENDYLE in December 2014 issue   It was a cold Friday in January 1998 when a foursome of wiry, scruffy guys strolled through a parking lot at Vail in T-shirts and baggy pants, babbling in French. If it had been… More »

Big Mountain 2016

BM1 600

While the Big Mountain category has expanded, with virtually every manufacturer developing a series, this year’s SIA saw a general drop in girth: waist widths generally max out under 120mm, with the majority under 110mm. As for graphics, the days of cartoons on LSD also seem to be behind us. Expect the real flair to… More »

Expert All Mountain 2016

EAM 1 600

ALL-TERRAIN CRUISING, LONG AND SHORT TURNS Expert All-Mountain skis are designed for proficient skiers who like to rip groomers, float through powder and slash through the trees. Their amplified performance and all-terrain arrogance allow riders to push in all conditions and fully experience the mountain with a hard-charging attitude. Their functional versatility defines the rules… More »

All Mountain 2016

All Mt

  The ultimate test for a manufacturer is the no-compromise, All-Mountain ski. These products are the backbone of the ski world—they may not be in the sexiest category but they remain the top-selling multi-purpose tool for the whole mountain. Not surprisingly, you can expect them to appeal across the spectrum, from those who love to… More »

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