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Miracle at Cherry Bowl

There was no way anyone could have survived, thought the four Terrace locals. They’d just watched a massive avalanche rip across Cherry Bowl, an alpine bowl outside the Shames Mountain ski area in northern B.C., and gobble four ski tourers before racing to the valley hundreds of metres below. Regardless of the chances of survival, … More »

Staying or Daying

Your cat-ski choice: a week up in the alpine or just pick a day…or two. t’s an age-old question. Some believe the Mayans were the first to ask it. Herodotus, the ancient Greek record-keeper, may have even alluded to it in his epic text, The Histories. More recently, prime ministers, presidents and dictators alike have scratched their heads … More »

It’s All About the Feet .. or is it? pt.1

The analogy of “holding a tray of drinks downhill” is an easy one to visualize because let’s face it, most of us can relate to drinking. But once you’re able to ensure the turning effort is coming from the legs and not from swinging your arms and upper body around, can you forget about your … More »

More Fortress

You might remember seeing Alberta’s presently closed Fortress Mountain as an alpine backdrop in the 2010 Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster Inception. Or maybe you just dreamt that you did. If you didn’t see the film, you won’t remember the scene (or get the joke), but buck up, because there might be a sequel in the works. … More »

Away From It All

The backcountry is a lot more comfortable when you stay at one of many alpine touring lodges in B.C. by STEVEN THRENDYLE in Fall 2016 issue If you’ve ever yearned to relax and enjoy the big-mountain experience, you owe it to yourself to book a week of touring. More and more resort skiers are discovering … More »