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42.4 Gallery


from Winter 2014 issue Ski Canada’s current photo gallery featuring the photography of Henry Georgi at Chatter Creek Cat-skiing, BC; Steve Ogle at Whitewater, BC; Baschi Bender at Chamonix, France; and Bruno Long at Great Canadian Heliskiing, BC

Life at the Top


Working as Whistler’s alpine caretaker in the ’80s had nothing in common with “The Shining.” Janet Love Morrison dusted off her logbook to share fond memories of living at the top of the Red Chair. January 1987 The empty chair swings around the bullwheel, inertia rocking it back and forth before propelling it back down… More »

Mobility & Balance


 Skiing the bumps and crud has always been my favourite terrain. I love the inconsistency of it. When you ski this ever-changing canvas, you have to maintain a centred position to get the most out of your skis—no easy task. I focus on my feet or BOS (base of support). The ability to move the… More »

Shivering in the Chic-Chocs


Despite a fight with Old Man Winter, Quebec’s storybook Gaspé region more than made up for it in warmth, hospitality and haute cuisine. By Iain MacMillan in the Winter 2014 issue When my dad turned 18, he left his studies at University of Manitoba to join the Royal Canadian Navy and the dying days of… More »

Shared Accommodation


Brits think chalet holidays are normal—we might not agree. The visiting Frenchman perched nervously on the edge of the couch in the chalet living room. “You would neverrr see a French person on a chalet holiday. Zay would have to be crazee! Ziss,” he whispers with contempt, “ezz only for zee English.” His Gallic nose crinkles… More »

Ski by Numbers


“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics…” Nothing starts a good argument like pulling a statistic out of thin air—or failing to provide context. So, what have we done here at Ski Canada? In the interests of world peace, we’ve mashed up a bunch of statitstics, with a few cautionary notes… More »

Air in the Bumps


by Peter Smart in the Winter 2014 issue Have you ever suddenly found yourself bouncing around in bumps that aren’t quite big enough to call moguls? The next time you’re in moderate terrain making nice round turns and out of nowhere you find yourself in the speed bumps, here’s what to do. Think of it… More »

Assigning Blame


Will a case presently before the B.C. Supreme Court impact the relationship between you and your ski buddies? * by Ron Betts from the Winter 2014 issue How many skiers have found themselves in this situation? A ski instructor with a group of young, giggling kids, all hopped up on hot chocolate and adrenaline, asks… More »

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