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Welcome Wagon

Elan welcome 500

“We all know the biggest problem with our sport is not just getting new skiers and snowboarders to come out and try it, it’s getting them to come back,” says Shawn Mimee of Elan Sports Canada. “As an industry, we’re fighting against game consoles and cheap vacations down south.” Skier retention remains a big issue … More »

Making the Connection

Our brain co-ordinates our muscles and nervous system to help us tackle the terrain we ski. Our brain controls the mental processes of how we think and feel about our skiing. Our brain also links our body movements and mental processes. Experienced skiers know they can ski better by being in better physical condition, but … More »

Helicopter Parenting


I found a whole new way to rationalize a heli-ski holiday: use one of your kids! “It’s tough to tell your wife you’re off to Wiegele World for another week with the guys,” admitted my new American friend Ted to me sheepishly while slurping down a steaming bowl of hearty beef-barley soup. “She was never … More »

Backcountry Essentials

DEC15 1 600

Staying safe in the backcountry will always be about making the right decisions. But Mother Nature can be random and make things difficult for our journeys and adventures. When that happens, these products might just keep you alive. 1.  The North Face Modulator ($1,000; The best way to stay on the surface of an avalanche … More »

Fly or Drive?

Fly Drive

“Don’t be silly! You’d be mad to drive all that way.” _By GEORGE KOCH My friend Matty from Portland, Oregon, was screeching at the news that I was planning to drive from Calgary to Whistler (through the hinterland via the notoriously sinuous Duffy Lake Road of course) for a mere five-day visit to do some spring skiing … More »