Your Run – Buyer’s Guide 2012

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» Being a proud Mom gives me bragging rights
about my littlest guy. My husband and I met in
Banff many years ago, both wanting to ski before
joining the world of only skiing on weekends. He
taught at Sunshine and I worked at a ski shop
on Banff Avenue, logging more than 100 ski days
that season. Well, 29 years later my 19-year-old
son, Cody, decided to follow in our footsteps and
at the same time one-up us. He’s working in Blue
River for Mike Wiegele in the ski shop. Here is a
picture of him on his lunch break in December
taken by the resort photographer. I don’t think
too many people are lucky enough to say “This
is me on my lunch break.” Makes a burger or a
sandwich kind of boring, don’t you think? Thanks
for a magazine that after all these years we still
look forward to reading.


» WTH!… I looked through the “Best of Skiing
in Canada” awards in the Winter 2011 issue and
most are valid. But where was Revy? To leave
out the best skiing in Canada puts in doubt your
editorial position, as well as the name of the
magazine. Maybe the style of skiing here (steep,
deep and long) is tough on the carving skis
popular back East and in the Okanagan. Maybe
you don’t really cater to core skiers—the ones
who are committed to awesome, demanding
terrain and the deep stuff. And to add insult to
injury, you go off on Silverton/Telluride; nice
places but not even close to what RMR offers.
But really, what were you thinking? Oh wait,
you weren’t thinking. You might want to start
with a few of these awards: best skiing terrain
serviced by only three lifts; best consistent fall
line vertical (try Snow Rodeo and I bet you can’t
ski it non-stop, top to bottom); best ski town at
its base with some of the longest history of skiing
in concert with our friends at Red/Rossland; best
powder snow; and the highest density of heli-
and cat-serviced skiing in Canada.
Anyway, I have to give you the benefi t of
the doubt and assume that neither you nor any
of your staff have made it here. If you’re on a
budget, I can offer a pretty good guest room and
some very tasty raclette. I might even persuade
the RMR crew to toss in some lift tickets. But
before you embarrass yourself again, get out here
and ski this place! You just may want to relocate.
JON (JD) DAVIS, Revelstoke

Our annual Best of Skiing in Canada feature is
created from award-worthy accolades that arrive
all year from readers, writers and even resort
employees. Last season, for the first time since
Revelstoke launched noisily onto the Canadian
ski scene, we didn’t hear a word from one of
the country’s classic ski towns. Thanks for your
suggestions, great stuff although already published
in past Best of Skiing features. But more are
always welcome…. —Ed.


» Less than a year after Canada won silver
and gold Olympic medals in moguls, I was
disappointed to find the 2011 Buyer’s Guide
didn’t use the M-word anywhere. I know it isn’t
a growth market, but the last I looked the hills
were covered with moguls and as many skiers as
the terrain park. I wouldn’t expect any specialty
skis, but there is mortal interest in all-mountain
skis as (primarily) bump skis. How about picking
up the phone and asking retired bumpers what
they ski on?


» I was happy to read the article “Talkin’ Proud”
by Leslie Woit in the Travel Guide 2011 issue, but
was a little dismayed, however, to be reading
almost all male viewpoints. Surely there are
plenty of female locals who are ready to speak of
the passions of their respective hills. I’m a proud
skier with 35 years in the ski business and I want
to read and see female perspectives on your
pages. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one of
your female readers who feels this way.

Ski Canada Staff
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