Woolly Warmth

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 The fine undercoat of goats from Inner Mongolia goes into what’s possibly the world’s lightest, most ultra-soft luxury cashmere tuques. Handmade in Nepal from fair-wage, eco-friendly Ocabini. £55 includes shipping to Canada: www.ocabini.com
 Ooooo! Nice sweater. Neve’s Ultra-fine, soft and non-itch 100-per-cent merino wool is 100-per-cent style. The Nicola Full Zip Cardigan ($164) in charcoal is Nordic enough for après ski, yet classy enough for business attire. www.nevedesigns.com
 Everyone knows Smartwool makes some of the best socks on the planet, but staying warm, dry and comfortable all over means layering properly. The Sport Knit Hoody ($189, in Sunrise) is a Thermal Midlayer, i.e. it goes over your baselayer and keeps moisture moving away while trapping warm air in its fine merino wool fibres. Form-fitting all over with a nifty ponytail portal if needed! www.smartwool.com


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