Volkl Mantra M6 – Test 2022

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BEST FOR: Experts who want as much performance on-piste as off.

And now for something totally different. So different, in fact, we had to convince female testers to give it a try. The extreme shape has a huge shovel and tail and a do-it-all waist. Ribs of a milled-out sheet of Titanal ripple down the topsheet. But while testers slid out of the test pit with apprehension, some slid back in with big grins. “This ski is fun with a capital F,” said smitten Sarah Hauser. Those who liked the Blade most tended to be stronger skiers. They had the ability to adjust their turning to work with the ski: widening their stance, tilting it over and letting it do its thing, and playing around with edge pressure and angulation. It also skis five cm longer, so size down. For all these reasons, this is probably not going to be many people’s pick for an everyday driver, but if you’re looking to shake things up, be playful and maybe a little silly, add this one to your quiver.

LENGTHS:             163, 170, 177, 184, 191

DIMENSIONS: 135/96/119 @177

RADIUS: 18 @ 177


OTHER MODELS: Mantra 102

from Buyer’s Guide 2022 issue

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Ryan Stuart
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