RYAN REPORT – Skiing features heavily at Vancouver film festival

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The story of a mother and daughter skiing from Vancouver to Alaska and one of the most awarded ski films of the year are on the itinerary at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival, February 9 to 17.

Focus on adventures around the world the festival includes 83 films and 44 speakers at eight venues in the Metro Vancouver area. Film topics range from the first stand up paddle board crossing of an ocean to a 14-year old world traveller. Surfing, climbing and mountain biking feature prominently. And there’s plenty on skiing, too.

Backcountry fans should book off February 10 or 13 to watch a curated selection of films focused on ski touring and ski mountaineering. Freeride nights, February 12 and 15, include a playful rip down the Mer de Glace near Chamonix, a couple road tripping through Europe, a look back at the glory days of the New Canadian Air Force and Imagination, a five minute ode to JP Auclair’s famous segment through the streets of Nelson from the movie All.I.Can.

Vicarious skiing comes to a head February 16 with the screening of one of the most awarded ski films of the year and toughest ski touring mom and daughter anywhere. . Numinous, a feature length flickis a wander through the cutting edge of modern freeride skiing led by Kye Peterson. The film’s won numerous awards including best line, best skier and best movie at other film festivals. Speakers Martina and Tania Halik, a mother and daughter team, tell the story of their ski tour from Vancouver to Alaska.

New to this year’s festival are two workshops, an Adventure Filmmaking class taught by renown film makers Keith Partridge and Darcy Turenne and an expedition trip planning worldshop with Martina and Tania Halik.

For more on the festival and to buy tickets go to vimff.org


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