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Success Stories

What are other advertisers’ experiences with Ski Canada magazine?
Ski Canada has many success stories to share..
Here are comments from several of Ski Canada's
advertisers sharing their experience with the magazine. Some samples:
“[Ski Canada] has proven itself as an effective advertising medium for our industry. Skiers go
where the snow goes and we advertise with what skiers read.”
Michael J. Ballingall, senior vice-president, Schumann Resorts Ltd.
“Ski Canada is the best magazine to reach our core customer.”
Alex Briglio, general manager, Swany Canada
Ski Canada runs more ads from ski areas than any other Canadian ski publication. Many ski areas track
response and then repeat advertising programs in Ski Canada year after year. This is because our
readers are at the core of the alpine ski market - the most active skiers who generate most of the sport’s
retail and travel activity.
One more 'testimonial' - In the Winter 2007 issue the Skier's Edge Company (a
company based in Salt Lake City that sells ski exercise equipment by direct mail) placed a DVD
as an outsert with Ski Canada mailed to our subscribers. This company sells direct to their
customers and keeps excellent records for advertising effectiveness The DVD was a major
initiative for them and response was watched closely. Final word - it was a great success,
exceeding their expectations for response.
“Ski Canada is without a doubt the best alpine skiing publication in North America. It’s the only
publication for all levels of skiing.”
Joel Loane, president, The Skiers Edge.
Why is Ski Canada so effective? Because our circulation strategy begins with subscriptions - individually
addressed copies delivered by Canada Post. This drives optimum editorial content as skiers will not
subscribe if they don’t value the magazine. Subscription circulation is in-home readership, the best
opportunity to ensure your advertising is read, and read again as secondary readers (family and friends)
see the magazine as well. Other circulation sources for Ski Canada are newsstand sales, ski shops and
the Guest Rooms Program - copies sold to ski area hotels for placement in guest rooms. Ski Canada
does not supply copies for bulk display and free pickup.

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