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Skevik Anton 102Ski Canada Test 2019 On-Slope Reviews


The Skevik Anton 102 is the evolution of the ski that founded this favoured boutique brand from B.C.’s Okanagan. The Anton 122 was the first ski design Glenn and Gregg Anderson developed in their parents’ garage in Vernon. The boys have since moved out and expanded the line beyond powder to backcountry, the park as well as all-mountain rippers. That’s where the Anton 102 comes in. The symmetrical-shaped ski, with rocker, a touch of camber and twintips, can do it all, from riding switch in the park to carving groomers. The core is a mix of vertically laminated maple, fibreglass and carbon with a plant-based resin. And in case you’re wondering, this ski is named after Anton Skevik, the great grandfather of the company’s founders. ($845; skevikskis.com)


$845  *  BEST FOR: Western-style all-mountain and dabbling in the park.
LENGTHS: 165, 175, 185  *  RADIUS: 20m all lengths  *  SIDECUT: 122/102/115@175

Most brands stick with the same tip-waist-tail dimensions in all lengths. With each change in ski length the turn radius changes, and thus the feel of the ski. Skevik does the opposite, adjusting tip and tail width with each size to maintain the same turning radius no matter the length. It’s one of several unique properties about the brand, starting with the fact that its skis are hand-made in Vernon, B.C. Testers found the Anton 102 to be a ski that performed best teamed up with an assertive and experienced skier. Despite the relatively large 20m turn radius, the Anton seemed to like smaller turns better. “This is a fast-turning ski that really prefers shallow arcs with quick transitions edge-to-edge,” said Paul Cunnius. “Stay in this comfort range and you can push the speeds quite a bit.” He found the skis stable, whether it was pushing the speedometer or landing air. Being a smaller brand, Skevik skis can be hard to find, but the company makes it easy to order online: $20 shipping, 20-day return and a two-year guarantee.

by RYAN STUART in Buyer’s Guide 2019 issue

Ryan Stuart
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