Test 2019 – K2 iKonic 84 Ti

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K2 iKonic 84 Ti

Ski Canada Test 2019 On-Slope Reviews


To add even more top-end performance to an already high-powered thrill ride, K2 changed the construction and added a full-length carbon strip to the topsheet of the iKonic 84 Ti. With K2’s new XTD Carbon Spyne, this ski delivers next-level precision and control. ($949; k2skis.com)

K2 iKONIC 84 Ti

$949  *  BEST FOR: Experts who mostly ski on-piste but occasionally explore beyond.
LENGTHS: 163, 170, 177, 184  *  RADIUS: 17.5@177  *  SIDECUT: 133/84/112

Our testers had a lot of fun riding the renovated iKonic 84 Ti. “High-end fun!” said Paul Cunnius. “Any expert will enjoy this one.” At Blue Mountain, Jess Cusick found it could do it all from the Elevator Shaft through green runs: “Super easy to turn in variable conditions. Great all-round mountain ski.” Introduced in 2017, K2 changed up the construction on this iKonic model for this winter. The biggest difference is an extension of the XTD Carbon Spyne. The ridge of stiffer material now runs closer to the tip, making it easier to pressure the shovel. That’s translated to easier turn initiation, increased precision and effortless carving. “This ski is quick to initiate without losing stability at expert and high speeds,” wrote Cunnius. “There is no loss of strength torsionally from tip to tail anywhere in the arc, making for excellent edge grip and stability at every angle.” Easy to turn, powerful, stable and lightweight—a rare combination for any ski, especially an on-piste ripper like the iKonic 84 Ti.

by RYAN STUART in Buyer’s Guide 2019 issue

Ryan Stuart
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