Stöckli Montero AS

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Stöckli Montero AS


160, 166, 172, 178


127-76-107 @ 172


15m @ 172

Best for:

Looking to take your expert skiing to the next level? The AS is worth its price in lessons.

Compare with:

Rossignol Forza 70, Völkl Deacon 72 rMotion, Fischer The CurvTi

 Love at first turn. That’s how strongly testers felt when they clicked into the newest member of the Montero family, Stöckli’s interpretation of an all-mountain ski. The AS is the tighter-turning version (compared to the AX and AR that we tested last year). It has a lightweight wood core with a full sheet of Titanal that’s cut in an S-shape down the centre at the tip and tail to ease up the flex. Along with rocker at both ends, this gives the ski an easy-turning feel, but with all the power a full sheet of metal provides. “Bestest Goldilocks ski ever,” said Steve Acciaroli. “Not too stiff. Not too soft. I loved every minute of it.” Fellow ski instructor Chris Grover said the ski has an intuitive feel that made him a better skier. “It was like it was linked to my brain somehow—I thought, then it did! I skied it everywhere and could not find a flaw.” The relatively narrow width will have some thinking it’s a groomer ski, and it really is a thrill ride on hardpack. But in skilled hands, the Montero AS rips everywhere.

Ryan Stuart
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