Ski Test 2013

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Skis Tested

Expert All Mountain 

Adventure All Mountain


Big Mountain 

Powder Test at Wiegele Helicopter Skiing

On-Piste Cruisers

Easy Cruise


The Categories Explained

Meet the testers

By knowing who the testers are in the Ski Canada Test you can find testers similar to your personal characteristics and see which skis they prefer. Testers biographies include:

  • height, weight, age
  • qualifications
  • skiing style
  • where started skiing
  • home resort
  • personal ski
  • top 3 picks in each category

March 19-23, 2012 at Fernie Alpine Resort

The 33rd edition of the famous Ski Canada Test of alpine skis is complete. This year our host was Fernie Alpine Resort in BC, celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

Test conditions were excellent throughout the week with more than 80cm of fresh snow. Thanks Fernie!

Photos by Henry Georgi unless noted otherwise.


Testers get category description from Joe Grierson with guidelines for how to ski that day’s skis. photo: Henry Georgi
Testers take first run on their own skis down that day’s test run. photo: Brian Callow


Snow conditions were excellent throughout test week. photo: Henry Georgi


Great view of Lizard Bowl from the test pit. photo: Brian Callow


It was a busy test pit, with 14 brands of skis and 30 testers. Pit stations are numbered and ski topsheets masked with black tape to reduce impact of brand ID & graphics
Testers luv powder. Left to right: Brian, Ron, editor Iain, Anne, George. photo: Brian Callow



Tester group photo. Test team jackets by Phenix.


Brand reps & tech support team. We worked the techs hard – they had to adjust bindings more than 50x each day depending on category.


Skis submitted for testing



Ski Canada Staff
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