Ski Better: Fall 2010

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SKIER:Chris Lennon
PHOTOS:Gillian Morgan

Strong Arm of the Pow

Far too often I’ve heard the suggestion that we should “ski with our hands.” I’m pretty certain we ski predominantly with our feet, but nevertheless, our arms help us balance and the use of our poles aid with rhythm and timing. I generally don ‘t advocate worrying much about our hand position when skiing, but at times it may be worthwhile to give it some consideration. For example, while using your feet to ski through deep powder, it may help to:

1. Over-accentuate the pole plant a bit and lift your pole basket out of the snow as you swing the pole forward to plant it again.

Strong arm, photo by Gillian Morgan

2. Use your poles – but for God’s sake, ski with your feet.

Ski with feet, photo by Gillian Morgan

Chris Lennon
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