Test 2020: Salomon S/Force Bold

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Salomon S/Force Bold

BEST FOR: Being bold, on-piste

LENGTHS: 170,177,184

DIMENSIONS: 132/84/116

RADIUS: 16@177


OTHER MODELS: S/Force 11, S/Force 9, S/Force 7

Last year Salomon introduced the S/Max series as a small step down from its race family. This year it eases up just a little more in the S/Force, a group of skis that can rip the groomers but still have enough versatility to ski bumps, carve the steeps and even play in the powder. The Bold is the burliest of the bunch: the widest, longest and heaviest. “It looks and feels like a big ski,” said Steve Acciaroli. But for bigger, more powerful testers it’s well named. Those who could handle it found it liked being tipped on edge harvesting G-forces.. The Bold prefers GS -style turning, taking more effort to crank short turns or manoevre in the bumps. It blazed through the cruddy snow like it was a puff of powder, but testers were unanimous in saying it was most at home on the groomed. Smaller skiers will want to try one of the lighter, nimbler S/Force skis. But if you like your turns big and fast and have the power to steer this missile, the Bold will be a force for good.

from Buyers Guide 2020

Ryan Stuart
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