Test 2020: Rossignol Nova 14 Ti

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Test 2020: Rossignol Nova 14 Ti

BEST FOR: High-speed railing.

LENGTHS:                153, 160, 167

DIMENSIONS:           123/74/109

RADIUS:                   12@160


OTHER MODELS:      10 Ti, 8 CA, 6, 4

 Like the unisex-equivalent React family, the Novas are carving skis with a race pedigree. None more so than the Nova 14 Ti, the most demanding ski in the family. “It skis like a tank,” said Jen Young. “A bit tougher to turn at slow speeds and in short turns, but stable and responsive at high speeds and carved turns.” The short-turn performance was surprising since it’s a 12m-radius ski with an early-rise tip for turn initiation and a progressive flex (soft at the tip and tail, stiff underfoot). It might be that the 167-cm test ski was a little long for some women, but taller skiers like Deanna Papineau enjoyed it everywhere and in every turn shape. The 14 Ti is made from a poplar core with a carbon stringer down the centre to prevent counter-flexing through a turn, and a sheet of carbon alloy matrix for precision and stability at speed. It’s not a forgiving build—experts only. Charlotte Fletcher: “Loved it on the hardpack. Seemed like a lower-end race ski.” If you want an easier ride, try the more forgiving 10 Ti or 8 CA.

from Buyers Guide 2020

Ryan Stuart
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