Rossignol Forza 60

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156, 164, 171, 179


130-75-112 @ 171


13m @ 171

Best for:

Dedicated groomer skiers, advanced and up, who love to carve on edge.

Compare with:

Stöckli Montero AS, Elan Primetime 55, Dynastar Speed 963

 Forza is a new family of eight groomer-focused skis that are all about carving—it’s even in their name. Rossignol says the model number—70, 60, 50 and down to 20—corresponds to the optimum carving angle. In other words, the higher the number, the higher the performance. To optimise the ski for arcing perfect Cs, Rossignol started with a super-wide tip that helps set up easy initiation. To add high-speed stability Rossignol reinforced it with extra torsional stiffness and a V-notch down the centre of the full-length Titanal sheet. “It was fluid in all conditions, stable and confident in all terrain” said Deanna Papinaeu. Carving was easy, reported testers of all sizes. But be warned, the Forza is not happy in a drifted turn. If you like to ride on edge and carve every turn, you will like this ski. 

Ryan Stuart
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