Renoun Atlas

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A Ski For Explorers

An atlas can take you anywhere. On the ski hill, Renoun’s Atlas promises to do the same. The international award-winning Vermont brand’s ski is primarily a carving ski with an 81mm waist and a Titanal and maple wood core. But it also has enough versatility to dive into the bumps, navigate trees and shred tracked-out bowls in founder Cyrus Schenck’s New England backyard. Like all Renoun skis, the Atlas also has channels of a non-Newtonian polymer inlaid into the ski. The material is soft at slow speeds, making the Atlas easy to flex and forgiving to turn. As vibration increases, due to rutted snow or higher velocities, the polymer becomes more rigid, adding stiffness and stability to the Atlas. It’s a forgiving ski when you want it, says Renoun, but with no top end. $1,299;

from Buyer’s Guide 2020

Ryan Stuart
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