Poles 2011

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K2’s light and powerful Lock Jaw Carbon
adjustable-length poles come with a no-slip,
one-touch locking mechanism (that’s
where it gets its name), full-length carbon
shaft, integrated inclinometer for settling
arguments over how steep it actually is, and
a solid, oversize grip ideal for pushing your
way through the deep and skiing your way
down. The Lock Jaw Carbon also includes a
snow depth metre and rock-solid carbide tip.
Screw the lowers of your poles together into
a medium-length backup avi-probe.

Trigger happy

Goodbye, clumsy pole straps. Leki’s
technology has a new ski pole
binding system that connects your glove
to your pole via its exclusive Dyneema cord
connection – a parachute-grade strength
stringer in the web of the glove (between
the thumb and forefinger). The two separate
with an easy click release on the pole, or
under duress through an internal auto-release
spring (e.g. when your pole catches
on something while skiing). The series also
comes with a corrected angle for the ever-elusive,
perfectly positioned pole plant.

Pimping poles

Want the pole of your dreams? It’s as easy
as 1-2-3 with Leki’s Pimp Your Pole program.
Simply go online (www.leki.com) and (1)
choose from six 16-mm shafts, all featuring
different colors and graphics; (2) pick one
of two grip options, the Trigger S lock-in
grip system (see above) or the variety of
Aergon options with classic pole straps; and
(3) choose your pole length. The poles come
with two sets of colour-matching baskets.

And bamboo, too

Liberty wraps bamboo around an internal
carbon tube that’s 48 per cent lighter than
traditional poles for superior vibration
control with minimal swing weight. These
super-stylin’ sticks come with a full shagreen
leather grip and strap, tungsten/carbide tip
and fat pow baskets.

Marty McLennan
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