Paradise Aloha 

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Paradise Aloha Ski Test
Paradise Aloha Ski


170, 179, 188


119-94-113 @ 170


19m @ 179

Best for:

Skiers whose daily rounds include the whole mountain and the park.

Compare with:

Nordica Unleashed 98, Line Chronic 94, Head Oblivion 94

 Calgary-based Paradise designed the Aloha as a park ski for its free-ride athletes. It’s a twintip with a nearly symmetrical shape and flex pattern to enable predictable switch skiing and landings. It’s a little stiffer in the tip and tail than most dedicated park skis, which reduces its ability to butter, but increases stability when landing big tricks, said Paradise. And it’s built tough, with a full polyurethane sidewall, beefy edges, an extra thick, scratch-resistant topsheet, and carbon stringers to back up the poplar and bamboo woodcore. The upshot is that the ski works great in the park but also rips around the rest of the mountain. The Aloha “wants to go straight on the groomers,” said Jennifer Crabtree. “It’s great off-piste in the steeps and bumps and handles well through the crud.” Technical editor Ryan Stuart also had trouble getting them to carve, but when he let them slide and smear they were a good time. “Poppy and playful everywhere,” he said. “Once I figured them out, I had a really fun time.”

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