Noteworthy 2020: Atomic Bent Chetler Grateful Dead Edition

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    The Grateful Dead’s free-form, creative and mellow music has always been the soundtrack to skiing. Now it’s the inspiration for the artwork, too. “The way we draw lines down a mountain or wave is the same improv the Dead have in their music,” says pro skier and Dead Head Chris Benchetler. To pay homage to the band, he’s working with his sponsors Atomic and Dakine to create a Grateful Dead-inspired collaboration. The headliner is a limited-edition Atomic Bent Chetler ski. It uses the same dimensions and construction as the pro model (120mm waist, 184 length), and adds Grateful Dead-inspired art designed by Benchetler. The top is wood with laser engravings of Dead staples: a bear, skeleton and rose. The bottom is more familiar—psychedelic and colourful. Dakine’s taking a turn on the drums, too, with a special-edition Team Poacher RAS 26L Pack and Team Baron Mitt with Grateful Dead artwork. Ski: $1,000,; mitt: $145, pack: $300,

Ryan Stuart
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