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In depth: Nordica Strider

In this occasionally repeating feature we take a deep dive into the R&D behind some of the most interesting gear in the ski world.

Nordica was one of the first brands to make alpine touring boots – oldies will remember the TR line from the 1990s. But they haven’t made a backcountry specific boot in more than decade. That changes this winter with the introduction of the Strider.

One of the first boots with a Michelin sole (yup, the tire maker) the Strider is made for going down just as well as it goes up.

We talked to Alberto Contento, Nordica’s Italian based product manger for ski boots, about what makes the Strider different from other backcountry enabled ski boots.

What was the goal with the Strider?

The goal was to create a high performance hike boot that elevates performance on slope and in backcountry terrain, adding all the features for a true hiking boot.

Why did Nordica wait so long before getting into backcountry boots?

Good question, we were the pioneers in this segment many years ago ( if you remember the TR line…) then we focus on other segments.

We fully re-invest in the [boot] collection in the last four seasons with new innovation in the Dobermann, GPX, Speedmachine, Sportmachine and Rental lines. Strider was part of one of these investments and we decided to return back to this segment with a real innovative product.

What sets the Strider apart from other touring boots?

It’s a mountain active boot. We merge together the needs of the skier looking for adventure, freedom, performance and comfort to stride uphill and rip downhill. And there are exclusive features that we are proud to present to our customers versus other companies. 

 What are the standout features and technology in the boots?

We focused on light construction. We were able to decrease the weight, while increasing the performance.

A strong exclusive partnership with Michelin® to develop innovative rubber soles and archpad with an unique construction profile, plus the Gripwalk® surface feel during ski and hike activities.

A new warm and innovative customizable laced cork liner that maintains the feel of a high performance racing boot in a lightweight construction.

The boot is fully customizable with our Infrared technology that allow us to shape the boot perfectly on the customer’s foot on the spot .

Innovative and unique Italian design; i.e. buckles are 15 grams  lighter than a traditional alpine construction while maintaining a high standard of wrapping.

The new Hike mechanism allows a 46° of range of motion in a metal/metal construction. The fulcrum point 5 cm lower than a traditional one, permits a very strong cuff and back retention and also incredible performance on very hardpack snow conditions.

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