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When national ski team member Manuel Osborne-Paradis was thinking of a way to give back to the sport, he decided on working with Alpine Canada trainer Jamie McCartney to produce a training video for young racers.

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by JIM MORRIS from December 2015 issue

“A lot of ski clubs maybe don’t have a trainer or a coach who really knows what to do,” said Osborne-Paradis, a three-time Olympian who’s won three World Cup races. “They can take this video on the road, they can do these workouts at home and feel like they are getting something out of it.”

With that in mind, Ski Canada asked Manny for his favourite and least-favourite workouts.

1. Doing outdoor aerobic workouts: “I love being outside, mountain biking, playing sports. An aerobic workout is fun for me.”
2. Lifting heavy weights. “I love getting into the gym, getting into the zone and really pounding on my workouts.”
3. When feeling lethargic in a hotel on the road, doing a core-circuit workout in his room. “Just having it on the floor in your hotel room. You get up and you’re feeling good with a little sweat going.”

1. Early season metabolic conditioning. “Nobody likes to do metabolic conditioning. You need a trainer, somebody to push you. Pushing yourself, you’re never going to fully reach what you are trying to accomplish. Those are always the hardest workouts. It’s tough training. Pucky-feeling training.”
2. Long sets. Instead of doing high weights, you do long-set reps. “You feel the burn. You might not see any changes at home when you look in the mirror, but you are building up your strength so you can work at those high ranges.”

Osborne-Paradis’s $20 workout vid is yours at

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