Line Blade – Test 2022

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Line Blade test 2022

BEST FOR: Clowning around all over the mountain

 There was something freeing about clicking into a pair of skis that look as unconventional as the Blade. The 154mm shovel is a width more common in the fattest powder skis, or about 20mm wider than we typically see with a 95mm waist width—making it look like clown feet. That happily led some of us to ski like clowns, and we had a blast goofing around all over the mountain. It took a few turns to figure out a wide enough stance to let this ski do its thing. Once we did, we could lay it into hard carves, wash out the tails to spray arcs, plow through bumps and land airs with confidence. The approachable performance comes from unique construction. Instead of a full sheet of Titanal, Line uses a skeleton of one broken into a front and back. Laid over an aspen core, it gives most of the torsional rigidity and dampness of metal, but with more playful forgiveness. “It feels soft for a metal ski,” said Sam Lam. “You can turn it into whatever you want.” An unconventional ski, sure, but one an expert could have a whole lot of fun with.

LENGTHS:             169, 176, 181

DIMENSIONS:        154/95/124 @ 176

RADIUS:               14 @ 176


from Buyer’s Guide 2022 issue

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