K2 Mindbender 108 Ti – Test 2022

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K2 Mindbender Test 2022

BEST FOR: Frontside to backside, freeride ski for western resorts.

The first run on this ski, Technical Editor Ryan Stuart skied a steep fall line he’d never tried before so confidently he started questioning his own skis. “So intuitive and stable,” he said. “I felt at home on it as soon as I clicked in.” He wasn’t the only one. “Pretty stiff, damp, super stable at speed and crushes crud,” wrote Tobin Leopkey. The power and stability comes from a Y-shaped sheet of Titanal that runs down the centre of the ski from tail to binding and then splits along the edges. Laid over a fir and aspen core, it provided just the right mix of the metal’s power and damp feel, without being too demanding. Soft-snow float comes from a wide shovel, a soft tip that transitions to a stiff underfoot, and generous tip and tail rocker. The design creates a large sweet spot that rescued testers in tricky conditions. Out front or a bit behind, the ski still felt stable and turnable. And shockingly it wasn’t that demanding; even at slow speeds it was fun. This is a really versatile big-ski platform, perfect for building confidence and skills in big terrain. We also tested the Mindbender 116C, a wider, lighter build. It would make a great dedicated powder ski, but lacked the 108’s versatility.

LENGTHS:            172, 179, 186, 193

DIMENSIONS:       136/108/125 @ 186

RADIUS:              23 @ 186

WEIGHT:             2,200g @ 186

OTHER MODELS:    Mindbender 90Ti, Mindbender 90C, Mindbender 99Ti,  Mindbender 116C


from Fall 2021 issue

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