Head Super Joy

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143, 148, 153, 158, 163, 168


120-75-106 @ 163


14m @ 163

Best for:

Lighter-weight intermediate to advanced skiers who keep the speeds moderate and are looking for an easy-turning ski.

Compare with:

Rossignol Experience W 78 Carbon, Nordica Wild Belle 74, Stöckli Montero AW

 Head tuned up its women-specific Joy line this winter, lengthening the turn radii and narrowing the tips, but maintaining their lightweight feel and easy-turning capabilities. In this six-ski line, the Super Joy sits second from the top in performance. Testers found it easy to ski wherever it went. “Super fun in the bumps, steeps and soft snow,” said Kana Leopkey. “I loved the aesthetics, too.” The karuba and ash wood core and carbon and fibreglass sandwich keep the weight low, giving it a nimble feel, particularly in tricky terrain. (It feels noticeably light, especially for a system ski—ideal for parking lot trudges.) It’s easy to get on edge and carves beautiful, smooth turns. The soft flex makes the Super Joy forgiving, but compromises higher speed stability. Testers said they felt nervous when charging. Skiers who prefer moderate speeds will love this ski. 

Ryan Stuart
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