Noteworthy 2020: Head Radar helmet

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Head Radar helmet


    We like the idea of visor helmets. No forehead-skin gap means no more ice-cream headache. But at best they give you the look of a fighter pilot and at worst, a total dork. Head takes a different tack to the same integrated helmet and goggles solution with the Radar and women’s Rachel. The goggles look like a regular double-lens bug eye, but instead of a strap it integrates into the helmet with bungee lines. Pull them out and away and the goggles slide off the face and lock into the helmet forehead in a little groove. They stay put and never pop off the back. Pull again and the goggles slide onto the face. The system is slick, never leaves a gap and looks like a regular helmet and goggles. Individually, the helmet is comfortable and easy to adjust, and the goggles brag excellent field of view and a comfortable fit. $349;

Head Radar

from Buyers Guide 2020

Ryan Stuart
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