Head Oblivion 102

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Head Oblivion 102 Ski Test
Head Oblivion 102 Ski


173, 181, 189


135-102-125 @ 181


23m @ 181

Best for:

Give this ski a shot if your best day includes powder, groomers and park laps.

Compare with:

Nordica Unleashed 98, Line Blade Optic 104, Blizzard Rustler 10

 We think this is the kind of ski young Canadian freeskiing phenom Cole Richardson would like for riding his home resort Lake Louise. It’s not a stretch: he helped design it, along with the Oblivion 116, his signature powder ski. The 102 is a lightweight, twintip with a core that mixes poplar wood with stringers of plastic from recycled water bottles. Sheets of carbon fibre sandwich the core, adding stiffness without weight. The result is an easy-going ski that didn’t demand too much from our testers, but didn’t let them down when they asked for more. Lots of rocker helps make it feel more nimble than its 22m turn radius would suggest. And it rails the groomers better than we expected. “It carved pretty well for its width,” said Chris Grover. “It seemed to be friendly everywhere.” A good choice for a one-ski quiver in snowy areas.

Ryan Stuart
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