Test 2012 Recommendations

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Recommendations: Testers score characteristics of each ski with recommendations in four categories – skier weight, skier ability, preferred snow conditions and skier style. Scoring is from 1 to 10 as follows:

* skier weight – lower scores mean ski is recommended for lightest skiers; highest scores mean recommended for heaviest skiers

* skier ability – lowest scores for intermediate ability skiers; higher scores for expert ability

* snow conditions – lowest scores for soft snow; higheest scores for hardpack

* skier style – lowest scores for finesse style skiers; highest scores for power style skiers

Try the new SkiFinder widget to get the best skis for you

SkiFinder interactive widget

Try our new SkiFinder widget. Input your skiing profile – your weight, your skiing ability, your skiing style and usual snow conditions – and SkiFinder will sort the data in the Ski Canada Test and display top 3 and others based on your inputs.

Expert All Mountain – men

Expert All Mountain – women

Adventure All Mountain – men

Adventure All Mountain – women

Big Mountain – men & women

On-Piste Cruisers – men & women

Test 2012

Recommendations – Expert All Mountain – men

Recommendations – Expert All Mountain – women

Recommendations – Adventure All Mountain – men


Recommendations – Adventure All Mountain – women


Recommendations – Big Mountain


Recommendations – On-Piste Cruisers




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