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All-terrain cruising, long and short turns

Okay, maybe All-Mountain skis aren’t as sexy a category as Big Mountain or as nutty as Park ’n’ Pipe twins, but they make up more than half the skis in the lift line these days—and Ski Canada testers had no problem pushing the limits on this bunch. As well as checking agility and competence in soft snow, testers skied this category up to high cruising speeds for good recreational skiers, and assessed stability in long and short turns on the groomed. And because they’re by definition “All-Mountain” skis, overall versatility in managing all kinds of conditions helped define the best skis in this category.

The weather was cold and breezy on test day with 16 cm of Big White freshies on a firm base and wind-blown powder. Consequently, testers were able to ski powder, fi rm snow and bumps off the Ridge Rocket Express, perfect given the category. In short we had everything—a true all-mountain experience.


  • Atomic Crimson Ti
  • Fischer Heat
  • Head Peak 82
  • K2 Explorer
  • Liberty Hazmat
  • Ogasaka E-Turn X
  • Prior Original
  • Rossignol Avenger 82Ti
  • Salomon Fury
  • Volkl Unlimited AC50


  • Atomic 7th Heaven
  • Fischer Vapor
  • Head Wild One
  • K2 Lotta Luv M1
  • Liberty Jinx
  • Ogasaka E-Turn X
  • Prior Sister
  • Salomon Fury
  • Volkl Attiva Aurora

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