RYAN REPORT – Gear of the Week: Caffeine on the go

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Early mornings. Late nights. Long days. Coffee and skiing go hand in mouth. For many skiers caffeine is essential to a good day on the slopes, but stopping in for a java cuts into time turning and can be especially costly on a powder day. Luckily a growing list of options exist for getting a coffee-like fix without waiting for water to boil or rotting your teeth on an energy drink.

Go Cubes

These gummies are especially good if you get jittery or anxious when you drink coffee. Along with 50 mg of caffeine (about the equivalent of half a cup) each of the cubes also have nootropics, which have been linked to reduced jitters and improved focus and brain function. They come in three flavours: mocha, pure drip and latte. Each package has four gummies in it. You’ll want to keep them warm, but otherwise they taste good and are easy to chew in a chairlift ride.


Bizzy Coffee Shot

Inside one of Bizzy’s 59 mL bottle is two shots of espresso. Beyond being organic, sugar-free and zero calories, the shots contain 130 to 150 mg of caffeine – more than enough to keep me wired for an entire morning of hyperactive shredding. They’re intense. And that goes for taste too. Bizzy Coffee Shots come in three flavours, black, caramel and vanilla. I found all three a bit bitter on their own – but then I’m not a bitter coffee fan. Bizzy suggests taking them on their own or mixing them with water or milk. They’re easy to slam on the go and the bottles are small enough to stash in a jacket pocket for when the afternoon sleepies hit.


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