Crosshairs December 2012

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Guest photo editor: Chris Christie

Ski Canada’s photo editor this month, may have grown up in the safe, waspy environs of Vancouver’s north shore and nightskiing at Grouse Mountain, but he’s called Squamish home for the last 15 years, six of which have been under the avails of professional ski photography.

“It takes persistence and time,” notes Christie on breaking into the crowded field of action photographers. “Style and efficiency develop over time and it’s important to submit only your best so you can build a network of people who are willing to review your work.”

While waiting patiently through another grey November for the returning buzz in the air that accompanies a dropping snowline, Christie says, “This winter Pakistan is on the radar, and we’re also planning on heading back into the Waddington Region [for a 6th time] to try and complete some unfinished business. I’m currently researching Google Earth for new projects! It’s endless and only dictated by how the snowpack unfolds this winter.” Of course, a lot of time is spent in Christie’s backyard of Whistler/Pemberton, scoping for unique settings with a gaggle of willing athletes who are anything but camera-shy.

“Over the years I’ve learned patience and judgment in the big mountains,” adds Christie. “Often I find myself standing in the absolute worst position on a ski line; if something were to slide…” In classic “Do as I say, not as I do” advice, he warns others to “always have an out and reconsider where you put yourself and your subjects when shooting in a mountain environment.”

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