Crosshairs Vol 48 #2

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  1. Dave Treadway Photographed by: REUBEN KRABBE Pemberton, B.C.

Dave Treadway has graced the pages of Ski Canada many times over the years and the ski world was deeply saddened to learn of his death in April following a crevasse fall near Pemberton, B.C. The doting husband and father was 34.

2. photo: ANTON ENERLOV * skiers: Kristoffer Turdell, Carl Regner, Hedvig Wessel * snow: Saas-Fee, Switzerland

3. photo: ADAM GEARING * skier: Billy Lloyd-Bainey * snow: Revelstoke, BC

4. photo: RYAN CREARY * Monashee Powder,BC

Ski Canada Staff
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