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Guest Photo Editor – Bonny Makarewicz

They’re few and far between—we’re not sure why—but Ski Canada’s guess is that male ski photographers outnumber their female colleagues by more than 100 to 1. The odds for female ski models are better, but not by much. Meet long-time Ski Canada contributor and guest photo editor this month, Bonny Makarewicz.

“There’s definitely a bro-factor at play but when I look back, it’s been male colleagues who’ve encouraged me and helped me to get where I am today,” says Makarewicz, whose photo and story bylines have appeared across North America and Europe. “Women photographers must learn to promote themselves and ask pro and high-end athletes to be in their shoots. Whether it’s a guy or girl shooting, or ripping in, makes no difference to me as long as it’s a good photo.”

Makarewicz adds, “For skiers, perhaps the smaller numbers are because women bear children and there’s a primal instinct not to huck off a 100- foot cliff—who knows.”

The sports journalist was born and raised in Revelstoke but with seven siblings, skiing was unaffordable for the family and she got into the sport later than many lucky skiers. After journalism school, Makarewicz settled in Whistler and has been in the ski-epicentre since 1990 with her helicopter pilot husband, a busy Jack Russell terrier—and lots of competition.

Like many in the industry, Makarewicz recognizes the difficulties in the digital age of making a living solely off ski photography, male or female. “I’d never discourage someone from doing
what she or he wants to do; life is short and you’re dead for a long time,” says Makarewicz. “Just take it seriously and do your best work. Free should refer to, or define, your spirit not your work.”

One of her favourite pics is on this page, and some of her favourite picks of female colleagues and why she chose them follow. More Bonny Makarewicz pictures:


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