Atomic Maverick – Test 2022

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Atomic Maverick Test 2022

BEST FOR: Slicing, dicing and slaying snowy resorts.

One of Atomic’s first skis to be developed and tested in North America, the Maverick is the result of 145 prototypes and feedback from 60 testers. It has a poplar wood core, sandwiched with two sheets of titanium and two of fibreglass. Its shape is typical for the style of ski: camber underfoot, and tip and tail rocker. Atomic was aiming for a smooth ski in all conditions. Testers mostly agreed. “Nice lively ski that held the firm snow better than expected,” said Tobin Leopkey. “Suited to the strong all-mountain skier who seeks out chop and prefers longer arcs.” Testers found it easier to ski than most metal skis, but noticed some chatter and nervousness at high speeds on firm snow. This is probably the HRZN tip, upturned edges that give the ski extra float. In fresh snow it feels wider than its width as it tries to be a one-ski western quiver killer. For drier zones or for those who just like to ski fast, check out the 95 Ti, which we found to be more stable, but nearly as floaty in soft snow.

LENGTHS:             172, 180, 188

DIMENSIONS:        129/100/120 @ 180

RADIUS:               19 @ 180

OTHER MODELS:    95Ti, 88Ti, 86C, 86CR


from Buyer’s Guide 2022 issue

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