Powder Virgins


Rudi and Jeff Gertsch at Purcell Heli-skiing make it easy for first-time heli-skiers to join a group of purebred powderhounds.   JEFF: Remember, there’s a first time for everything. At some point, every experienced heli-skier was a novice, and every season more and more people are trying it for the first time. It’s not an … More »

Cat vs. Heli: We All Win

photo: Nicolas Teichrob

by George Koch in Western View from Winter 2012 issue As an international ski writer who spends virtually all winter on the slopes (it’s charming how many people I meet think that’s not a lie), I’m frequently asked whether I prefer heli-skiing or snowcat skiing. Canadian, European and American skiers are equally curious, although coming at it from different angles. Europeans, for … More »

Golden Choices


by George Koch from Winter 2011 issue For hardcore skiers, this B.C. town offers a tasty triple scoop of cat, heli and resort skiing My best skiing memories are of storms. Maybe it’s because virtually nobody’s out and about, maybe it’s that added frisson of existing on the edge of something or other, perhaps it’s the aura of mystery … More »