Austria: Super Model

While it certainly helps to be blessed with exceptional athletes and a deep pool of rising talent, ensuring the team is poised and ready to dominate at a major event goes far beyond the athletes. The Austrians have a well-deserved reputation for meticulous preparation and well-funded programs. They understand that ski racing is a tactical … More »

Trust can lead to success

To believe every option has been explored takes extraordinary focus. It also includes an all-important ingredient of teamwork: trust. For nearly a decade I enjoyed a close relationship with one member of our team who was largely invisible. Hans Ramelmueller was the man responsible for the tools of the trade—our skis. This was a relationship … More »

Ready, Aim, Fire!

One of the toughest challenges we face in building a successful ski racing program is meeting the needs of today while also investing in the future. There are, in fact, three objectives in play to deliver success on the snow. The first is to ensure our very best athletes have what they need. The second … More »