Grumpy Old Men

from Fall 2011 issue The other day I was out on the balcony of Mike’s $99-million chalet just blowing smoke with my buds. From the 4,314m summit of Grand Combin on the Italian border, across to our own local petit Combin (3,670m) and over to the Mont Blanc massif in France, the mountains were painted … More »

In science we trust

Several readers responded to my article of two years earlier (Is it all doom and gloom? – Fall 2007) that had circumspectly raised questions about (okay, joyously heaped scorn upon) the dire predictions of global warming believers. The letters were breathtaking in their scientific rigour and commitment to intellectual diversity. The one termed me “misguided … More »

Is it all doom and gloom?

Climate graphic

It was a magical January day with Mica Heli Guides high in the Rocky Mountains northeast of Revelstoke. We were pausing between huge pitches to gaze at the mountains ringing us. Someone pointed out a hanging glacier clinging to an enormous mountainside, its toe cleaved into translucent blue seracs that periodically crack and tumble down … More »

Rekindling an Old Love

Skiers suffer a curious seasonal dysfunction. Spring is the time of year, the poets tell us, when we are supposed to come alive with nature. But for skiers, spring is actually the beginning of the end and our spirits lie torpid and dormant through the sultry summer months. It’s now, as the green grass of … More »

Going, going

Where's the snow?

Will climate change decide whether our grandchildren will belong to a skiing nation? When I was a teenager in the 1980s, my ski buddies and I used to do whatever it took to stay warm during Quebec’s brutal Laurentian winters. We regularly tucked napkins under our goggles to keep the wind and frostbite from burning … More »