Your Run – Winter 2012

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» We were just in Mexico soaking up the sun and soaking up Ski Canada. We’re getting stoked for the season! We got home at 2:00 a.m. to a driveway full of snow. There’s nothing quite like shovelling powder in your flip-flops! Thanks for a great beach read and silky, creamy, carvy pictures of places we want to go.

JAKE & EM DOYLE, Salmon Arm, B.C.


» In the Fall edition I came across Marty McLennan’s article “Ski Geometry 101” and nearly choked when I saw the photograph of the skier in the background. I’m almost 100 per cent sure that that is my father, Juris Krisjansons. He worked for Mike Wiegele for 15 years as his senior guide, but has been deceased for 13 years. I couldn’t help but wonder, after all these years and all the amazing photos of skiers, why use that one? Not that I mind. I was actually brought to tears; he was an amazing man and it was a real treat to see him ripping the powder. Thanks, it made my day!

GRIETA KRISJANSONS, Eastend, Saskatchewan


» I was surprised to hear of the sudden death of former editor Clive Hobson. I’d met Mr. Hobson at a meeting of the Canadian Ski Association. During our brief encounter, I was able to convince him to visit our ski area in New Brunswick. This was, of course, in the late 1980s when skiing was at its prime growth. He visited us during National Ski Week of that year and not long after the article, “Maritime Good Time,” appeared in Ski Canada. For a ski area like Mount Farlagne in Edmundston, it was truly an honour to be published in your magazine. He so enjoyed having fun with the locals, and I’m truly saddened to see that one of our ambassadors has left us. I have been enjoying Ski Canada for more than 20 years. Great job!



» Really enjoyed the article “32 of Canada’s Best” in the Travel Guide 2010 issue. It occurred to me that information in detail on various ski areas may help people not familiar with the Canadian resorts to do their planning on where to go. True, good general information from travel agencies can be had, but a suggestion I have is that possibly Ski Canada could place a notice in this section of the magazine suggesting that anyone interested in more detailed information might send a letter to be published in this column, together with an e-mail address, asking readers to e-mail them with details on a resort the person wishes to know more about. I’m sure they would receive a number of replies from those who have been to or live at or near the resort in question. Then when they arrive, they will have as much detail as they may need to know and thus avoid possible disappointments.

A. JAMES, Minnedosa, Manitoba


» We receive your magazine here in Australia and love the great articles and stories. Keep up the good work. In a few weeks we are off again to Silver Star. We love the mountain and have some wonderful friends that we catch up with each year. This season we are looking to buy new skis, so we enjoyed all the test reports.

PATRICIA & JOHN KING, Terrigal, NSW, Australia


Ski Canada Staff
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