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Twas a fortnight before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

The ski gear was in the roof box well before bed

In hopes that tomorrow the family would shred

But Mom and Dad hadn’t finished their Christmas shopping and so they joined the crowds in the busy mall and left the freshies to someone else.

We don’t want that to be you. My Christmas present this year is a bunch of no-fail gift ideas for every skier on your list.

First up: stocking stuffers.


Everyone can use another pair of ski socks and these ones are pretty sweet, with plenty of tension to keep them riding calf high all day long, padding in the shin, right where you want it, and cushioning in the heel that helps lock in the fit. Mostly made with merino wool, with just a hint of nylon, they wick moisture to keep feet dry and thus warm.

$24;  FITS Pro SKI Sock

Nibz Necktubes

Made in Canada, designed in Whistler by Sara Niblock, a former pro-snowboarder, Nibz are all about staying warm while skiing. The necktube is a stretchy neck warmer available in four different materials and a bunch of styles. Niblock also makes bandanas and balaclavas, if that’s more your recipient’s style and they also come in a bunch of different styles.

from $20;  Nibz Necktubes


Buy a bunch, everyone will be excited to get one of these, whether they ski or not. The HeroClip is a carabiner with a hook. Connect anything to, well, anything else just like you would any other carabiner. Or, and this is where this stands out, untwist the hook that nest against one edge and hang whatever you want off a door, branch, chair etc. It works great for all kinds of travel situations, preping for skiing, hanging a helmet at lunch…the number of uses is infinite.

$20;  HeroClip

RYAN REPORT is a frequent web post by Ski Canada magazine’s technical editor, Ryan Stuart.

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