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Last weekend at my local ski hill, Mount Washington Alpine Resort, it was classic March schizophrenic weather. Saturday started cold and quickly warmed up to full spring slush under a perfect blue sky. Sunday started mild and then swung back and forth as squalls and clouds pushed in and out. It was easy enough to adjust to the swinging thermometer on my body, shedding and adding layers, neck warmer and venting my helmet. But when it came to my hands I struggled. The key to preventing sweaty palms and freezing fingers is finding the right gloves. Here are some of my picks for the best spring hand warmers.

Kombi The Touring

The convertible of the glove world. More of a running or walking glove, I like these for classic spring days when I need a little more coverage in the morning and then less as the day warms up. The mitt covering the fingers rolls back and stuffs into the cuff revealing a lightweight glove. The fingers are touch screen friendly. 

Outdoor Research Aksel Work Gloves

These all leather beauties are a multi-tool. They are up for everything from splitting wood to walking the dog. The cow belly leather is tough and dextrous. And they have just the right amount of insulation (a mix of wool, acrylic and polyester) for around freezing skiing.

Swany Pro V

They fit like…well, a glove. With just a hint of insulation they are all you need for most warm spring days. Swany’s developed a 3-D forming system that combines leather and mesh on this glove into the perfect anatomical position of a hand – no easy feat. They fit perfectly and only get better as the leather wears in. A snug wrist closure keeps out the wind and they fit well under the cuff of a jacket. Or better, a sweater.

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